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Human Life Begins at Fertilization

Human Life Begins at Fertilization



FOR OUR LIVES  is a grassroots campaign to save Black lives from the genocide of abortion. 


We are a coalition of pastors and other leaders in the Black community, who stand united against abortion - the leading cause of death of Black Americans.


For far too long pastors have allowed ourselves to be silenced as many turned a blind eye to the historic and systematic targeting of black lives by the abortion industry.  We were deceived by Planned Parenthood who through their “Negro Project” shamefully used black ministers to disguise their eugenics goals as an economic equalizer that would empower black women and strengthen our communities.


Through the grace of God, we have opened our eyes to the ugly truth that Planned Parenthood has long targeted Black Americans for elimination, first through birth control, then through forced sterilization and now through abortion. Tragically, the deadliest place for a black child is in his mother’s womb. 


Planned Parenthood’s eugenic and population control agenda is having a genocidal impact on the Black population.  The loss of more than 20 million African American children through abortion has robbed us of our destiny. 


As leaders of faith, we pray to end the injustice of abortion – the greatest civil rights abuse of our time.  We will lead our congregations on a path of righteousness and prosperity by proclaiming the dignity of each human life, made in the image of the Creator.

We will use all peaceful methods of protest and advocacy to protect the right to life and liberty for all members of the human family, regardless of race, gender, age or disability.

We invite churches, individuals, and communities—people of faith and all people of goodwill—to work together to finally end this crime against humanity.

Together we will end abortion - the worst genocide in human history.

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